It was with great pleasure that I donated 10 copies of my book, "Eddie Easel and the Case of the Missing Green" to Cornerstone VNA's Kiddie Cornerstone Fund. 

How do we stay positive when although we know the end isn’t far away, we really can’t see it? The news on TV is only about the virus – people are sick in the 10’s of thousands and dying. Hospitals are over-flowing and temporary tents are set up in major cities to accommodate all the sick.

This is an important year for me. I decided it was time to separate my writing from my painting. Thanks to my webguy (Jim, my husband) I now have an author website along with my artist website.

It finally happened. The Siamese twins have been separated. My Author website has its own home now (, separate from my Artist website (which is now I'm thrilled to have the two separated, even though to me they very much belong together. But as for the internet, it makes more sense and will strengthen each and get me more traffic (I hope) in each separate category.

This year I decided not to sign up for so many shows. But I do want to get my books out there and I think a perfect venue is through the many Winerys we have in NH. This is the only one I signed up for. Keep checking for 2020 because with a new book coming out, I will most likely sign up for more in the coming months.

Ladies Night Out at the Gilmanton Winery
November 13 - 6-9pm

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