As 2023 comes to a close, I reflect on my accomplishments, particularly concerning my writing. This year, I added my 7th book, The Mart, to my collection of published work.

Finally, my long awaited 7th Novel, "The Mart" is now available for purchase!

We just received two copies of "The Mart" that Jim and I will completely look through and make whatever last minute changes need to be made. Although tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I know Jim and I will be spending most of the weekend reading through "The Mart" ONE FINAL TIME!!! It is always suprising to me the little mistakes or edits that can be missed, no matter how many times we read through the book. And I don't even remember how many times I've read through the book, making edits along the way each and every time. 

Sometime later today we'll be sending "The Mart" my latest novel (which includes a collection of short stories) to the printer to get our galley copies. Once we have those in hand we'll read through the entire book one more time, make whatever changes need to be made, and have the book printed and ready for purchase.

The copies of my book, "Me & Them", have arrived and have been shipped out to those who purchased a copy! I hope everyone enjoys reading them and sends me feedback on their thoughts about the book. Authors love getting feedback, especially if it is positive. If there are any negative comments I would like to hear those, too, but you need to let me know what it is about the story that would warrant a negative review.

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