So the galleys are here...and Thanksgiving is over...and now the final editing begins.

Seems like a long process, doesn't it? That's because it is! The writing of the book, sometimes, is the easiest part. But the editing takes the most time and then getting the book into a format, and also creating a book cover; front, back, and the spine. Also in this particular book, I have lots of photos, some are family photos and others we created to accompany the memory. All of this, and so much more, is what is involved when you self-publish. You are responsible for every stage of creating a book to get it available for publication. 

Finally, my latest book, "Me & Them" is at the printers! Of course, this is an initial print of just 2 copies since we have to go through the entire book, page by page, line by line, word by word, until it meets my high standard of perfection. Then and only then will I have copies printed for public purchase. 

Finally, after many delays and set-backs, my latest book is near completion! Time for celebration!

This book is a little different from others I've written since it is based mostly on fact with just a touch of fiction thrown in. That's because it is a collection of memories. The memories are of my parents and it is written in flash non-fiction segments from my childhood. So most are true but in a couple I thought a little fiction (i.e., drama) would add a spark to the particular story.

It was with great pleasure that I donated 10 copies of my book, "Eddie Easel and the Case of the Missing Green" to Cornerstone VNA's Kiddie Cornerstone Fund. 

How do we stay positive when although we know the end isn’t far away, we really can’t see it? The news on TV is only about the virus – people are sick in the 10’s of thousands and dying. Hospitals are over-flowing and temporary tents are set up in major cities to accommodate all the sick.