This is where I get to sound off on anything and everything that isn't necessarily related to writing (although it could be). In other words, What I Have to Say About....

I know a few people in my age range but, not surprising, or maybe surprising to some, we have very different goals. The majority of these people are spending their days reading, relaxing, moving to FL, golfing, playing other games, watching a lot of TV, and traveling. But for some reason I have a very different agenda. I write.

Having just finished writing/editing/publishing my 7th book, I wonder what it takes to get people to purchase and read them? And when I'm talking about 'people', I'm not talking about the masses because, obviously, they know nothing about me. What I wonder about is family - the people who are related to me, who maybe grew up with me, who shared the same relatives, or who are related to my husband in some way.

In a lot of countries, the senior citizens are respected, their knowledge valued. Why? Because the younger generation understands that in the 60, 70, 80 + years that they have lived on this planet, they’ve learned many things. And they have a lot to share. This is how we learned about what plants were ok to eat and which mushrooms were poisonous to humans. In other words, the knowledge that seniors have helps save lives. Makes sense, right?

I’ve been reading so many articles, in so many magazines, about the countless number of books that people are trying to ban. Even to the point where they just want to completely shut down the library. Have we gone mad?

Throughout my life, whatever job I was working at, there was always someone there to tell me, perhaps to comfort me when I felt like I was getting nowhere in my position, that I had to “pay my dues”. Translated that meant, just be happy with the job you have, don’t rock the boat, don’t whine about your low salary, etc. In other words, things would work out, it was just going to take time. It also meant, to me, that I still had a lot to learn in whatever job I was holding.