This is where I get to sound off on anything and everything that isn't necessarily related to writing (although it could be). In other words, What I Have to Say About....

I’ve been avoiding Facebook more and more. And then soon after, I’ll probably just stop using it and remove my name and information from the site. I’ve already removed a lot of personal information from my Facebook page. And I’ve also noticed that for some reason only one friend seems to be receiving my posts even though I have over 200 ‘friends’ on Facebook. So someone out there is controlling my feed. I also have a Facebook page for my art and author blog posts but I rarely post there since I as informed sometime ago that my posts only reach about 5 people and if I wanted to reach more friends I would have to pay.

I’m no longer writing a newsletter. Did anybody notice? If they did, they didn’t tell me. Getting any attention on the internet is becoming more and more difficult. You need to have a gimmick or something that gets the attention of masses of people.

“There was no way my son could have done those terrible things.”
“He’s a good boy.”
“He works really hard – has two jobs.”

Etc., etc., you’ve heard it all before, parents defending, protecting their children. Parents who know nothing about their children but protect everything about them, even though it has been years since they moved out and have been living on their own as adults, years since they were children. Now that they are grown the parents really do not know why they are anymore.

Over the years I've used a variety of spaces to get my story onto paper or computer. The best thing I ever did was buy myself a laptop computer. Sometimes I want to sit in my living room and other times I prefer the comfort and outdoor feeling of my sunroom. The portability of the laptop makes it possible to work in either environment as well as on my back deck in the summer months. I can also take it with me if we go on vacation (not a regular activity for us) or if we want to go somewhere for a day or a weekend and work in a different location. That is more likely to happen and we have done just that on a few occasions. I could not do that if I only had a desktop.

In the past, when I sent a check or a gift to someone whether it was for a birthday, a wedding, or a baby shower I couldn’t attend, I would receive, sometimes months later but still, a thank you card. Common courtesy, I believe.