I missed it. Earth Day, that is. My intention was to write an article celebrating our beautiful and one and only planet, Earth. The more I thought about it the more upset and yes, a little bit angry I got. Of course, some are saying 'Earth Week' or 'Earth Month'. But I thought no, it needs to be Earth EVERY DAY! Not just one day a year. We need to put much more importance on our planet and the care and maintenance of it. And that needs to happen every day. 

As it is, if you aren't noticing the changes that have happened in our lifetimes, just the amount of devastating storms and other earth shattering events taking place, then you need to wake up. 

I always thought I was doing my job simply by deciding not to have children. Many of the problems we have today are due to the overpopulation on Earth and the number of people who depend on the resources. And that number keeps growing, particularly as people live longer. Someone I know (who is an Environmental Engineer) once said that this planet could support twice the number of people we currently have. I whole-heartedly disagree! And so does every environmental publication I receive (like Sierra, National Wildlife, etc). But we all need to do so much more, and I do as I've learned more about eliminating plastics and other non-biodegradable items that are cluttering up our landfills. 

We don't seem to have a problem eliminating a variety of species on our planet (like Wolves, for example) but we won't stop procreating. Remember, animals can live just fine without us but we would not survive without them. We just don't realize how much wildlife does to keep us in balance - they seem to understand the inter-connectedness of life. Why don't people?

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