Here you will find everything to do with writing, whether it is my writing or what I'm learning from reading books on writing.  Reading, vocabulary, and grammar are the tools of the trade. The very best people to learn from are the ones who are seasoned writers who teach writing. You would be wise to enlist them as your mentors, as I have.

One of the hardest things about being a writer, for me, is self-discipline. If I'm not feeling positive about what I'm writing, I will find every reason to not sit down to write. And of course, this frustrates me because I have a long list of books/stories I want to complete and avoiding writing is the last thing I should be doing.

I always joke about having adult ADHD (and for people who have it, it is no joke) but there is a part of me that seems to have a hard time focusing on just one project. I prefer to think of it as, if I’m blocked in one novel I can go to another novel and work on that one instead. So, there is no blockage, just that I needed to switch gears. Sometimes it is easier to work on a part of my memoir and other times I just want to create a story and see where it goes.

It has been about 6 months now since I finished writing my latest novel, "The Mart". But it still is more than a month away from publication. What is the hold-up? My husband, who is the publisher of my books, and my editor, also has his own business. And right now, he's busy. That means everything else gets put on hold. Including my novel. 

You've heard it before but it definitely deserves repeating. Books DO make the greatest gifts that literally last a lifetime! So did you receive an item of clothing that you already outgrew? Or did you receive a gift of perishibles that were eaten before the new year even started? Or maybe you received a piece of technology and we all know how fast those items become obsolete. But a book never goes out of fashion. Just think about the classics that are read in schools/colleges today. 

And now, after many months, years even, my latest novel is near completion. My editor and I are currently reading through it, looking for typos and awkward sentences. Or just a sentence that can be made more interesting by changing a few words. Or maybe even cutting a few paragraphs and putting them into another chapter, which I actually did! In other words, this is the hard part.