I don’t know if this is indicative of the fact that I’m writing more but I recently extended my writing area. Several months ago I posted in a blog (or my newsletter, not sure which) a photo of my writing area, surrounded by bookcases and small tables. But I recently added a table and chair set up where I can write long-hand. My desk area that holds my two monitors is where I write on my computer but there are many times when I write long-hand, particularly when I’m starting a new writing project. And it just wasn’t working for me to try writing long-hand while sitting on a couch in the living room or our sunroom, both of which are already full of tables, couches, and other furniture.

I envisioned a table and chair, to keep things simple, that I could put into a corner where I had previously had a standing full-length mirror. The mirror was moved to another part of the room and the table and chair were put in its place, along with a plastic container that is hidden under the table with various binders and notebooks/pads of paper for future use.

So far this is working well for me because I can work on a story long-hand and then when I feel ready to put in on my computer, just move to another chair where my computer is. I’ve also found that if my husband is watching TV in the living room, but I want to read, I can come up here and sit at my table and I’m not bothered by the TV. Hopefully this will continue to work for me and I can finish the many stories and novels I’ve started.

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