I’ve been avoiding Facebook more and more. And then soon after, I’ll probably just stop using it and remove my name and information from the site. I’ve already removed a lot of personal information from my Facebook page. And I’ve also noticed that for some reason only one friend seems to be receiving my posts even though I have over 200 ‘friends’ on Facebook. So someone out there is controlling my feed. I also have a Facebook page for my art and author blog posts but I rarely post there since I as informed sometime ago that my posts only reach about 5 people and if I wanted to reach more friends I would have to pay.

But despite all these reasons to give up on the site, there is another reason for being upset about Facebook, there is another more concerning reason for being upset about Facebook that has nothing to do with Facebook. It has to do with the people who post to the site. Yes, there are people who are positive and use the heart or caring emojis often but then there are those who use Facebook as a platform to say hurtful or mean things that they would never say to your face.

I’ve received posts from relatives who have been both insulting and offensive to me! And that was when I was having a discussion with them or expressing my opinion about something they apparently didn’t agree with. And actual friends who I personally know and love have posted such mean and angry messages when they’ve been in a discussion with others on Facebook. And I’ve also read posts from people I don’t know who have posted something equally mean and insulting depending on the subject not only to make their point but to belittle and attack the other person that they disagree with.

Facebook is a place for people to not only rant but also rant without repercussions, without responsibility, without care or concern for who they might be attacking. I just don’t want that much negative in my life.

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