This is where I get to sound off on anything and everything that isn't necessarily related to writing (although it could be). In other words, everything else. Thus the title, Etcetera. 

“There was no way my son could have done those terrible things.”
“He’s a good boy.”
“He works really hard – has two jobs.”

Etc., etc., you’ve heard it all before, parents defending, protecting their children. Parents who know nothing about their children but protect everything about them, even though it has been years since they moved out and have been living on their own as adults, years since they were children. Now that they are grown the parents really do not know why they are anymore.

In the past, when I sent a check or a gift to someone whether it was for a birthday, a wedding, or a baby shower I couldn’t attend, I would receive, sometimes months later but still, a thank you card. Common courtesy, I believe.

Seems like only yesterday people were celebrating the 1st Earth day – can’t believe that was 50 years ago. I also can’t believe that we celebrate the Earth, our planet, our one and only home, just one day a year. But that’s just me, your basic tree-hugger and long-time lover of this planet.