This is where I review books that are meant for adults - that means anyone over the age of 18. Of course, there are those under 18 years old who may find many of these books to their liking, particularly the classics which include most of my favorites. I've been on a mission to read the Pulitzer fiction winners and I think anyone who can understand these books, and many are also required reading in high school, should enjoy these classics. If you have a suggestion for a book you would like to read that you want my review of, I would be happy to assist you.

Romance, lies, trickery, abusive love, divorce, affairs, having-it-all and losing-it-all - what doesn't "Dune Road' by Jane Green have? From the rich and famous to the not-so-well-off and virtually unknown, the cast of characters in the town of Highfield will leave you feeling grateful you aren't a resident.

I picked up this book several months ago and actually filed it away on one of my basement bookcases, with my other D. Delillo books. Then recently I heard someone talking about Don Delillo which sent me searching through all the books I have by the author. I knew "White Noise" would be the 1st of his that I would read.

A collection of classic Russo stories, this is my fourth Russo book – with six more to go that are on my bookshelf. He has quickly become one of my favorites writing about love and misinterpretation, childhood memories through the eyes of adults, missed moments, and shared intimacies are just some of the ingredients that make a Russo story one that stays with you long after you’ve finished reading the book.

For a couple of years now I've seen Roxane Gay's name: on the cover of Writer's Digest, for example and in articles singing her praises. So, when I came across this book at my local swap shot, I grabbed it.

A story of love, loss, disappointments, broken dreams, and murder, in other words, Mohawk is about real life. It could be in any town, USA, the Grouse’s and the Gaffney’s could be your neighbors, and the Mohawk Grill could be your local breakfast spot. And all the crazy that takes place in the town, the abuse, the infidelity, the misunderstandings, could all be part of life as we all know it in a small town where no one is going anywhere or doing anything significant. A story much like the ones I’m interested in writing whose characters are sad living often hopeless lives.