An acquaintance read this book and was onto another book by Backman when I asked about "A Man Called Ove". She said it was so sad but she loved it. I purchased the book but like so many books that share my home with me, it sat unread in an anonymous pile. And then I started reading it. I started reading other books, too, but finally made my way back to "A Man Called Ove" and finished it. I loved how every chapter title mentioned Ove 'doing' something. It was sad but also full of love and anger and caring and meanness and generosity and stubbornness. In other words, all the elements that make for a really good story.

Interesting coincidence, as I was reading the book, there were several similarities between a story I wrote over two years ago now that is included in my latest book "Seven Storied Houses" and "A Man Called Ove." Maybe the author and I both understand the life of a senior citizen and how upsetting it is when your world changes. I hope people love my story as much as they love Backman's novel

I rate 'A Man Called Ove' 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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