For a couple of years now I've seen Roxane Gay's name: on the cover of Writer's Digest, for example and in articles singing her praises. So, when I came across this book at my local swap shot, I grabbed it.

A brilliant writer, Gay describes, through essay articles, her take not only on feminism in our culture but from a black (Haitian) woman's perspective. She shared many personal stories, filled with anger and great sadness such as when, as a teenage girl, she was gang raped with her then boyfriend, who she thought loved her, leading her to the den of deplorables. That incident alone can create enough anger in someone to lead them on a path of self-destruction. But Gay powered through with writing as her vehicle. I thought about the advice many people are given when they are the victims of a crime - talk about it, don't keep it inside, get it out of you. Simple advice. I hope it helped Roxane Gay.

I want to read more from this bright star. A recent collection of short stories that I purchased,  "Difficult Women", mirrors many of my own stories of the human condition and lives of women, whatever their economic situation. This book is on my short list of next books to read.

I rate Bad Feminist 5 out of 5 stars.

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