I picked up this book several months ago and actually filed it away on one of my basement bookcases, with my other D. Delillo books. Then recently I heard someone talking about Don Delillo which sent me searching through all the books I have by the author. I knew "White Noise" would be the 1st of his that I would read.

Living in a typical comingled family, Jack, a Hitler studies professor, discovers an obsession he and his current wife, Babette, share: fear of death. His obsession becomes more real when he's exposed to a toxic chemical spill.

Surrounded by the ever-present chatter from TVs, radios, and computers, Jack is driven to find and confront an accomplice of Babette's who traded sex for a supposed cure for her obsessive fear. Spoiler alert: it didn't work. A crazy, normal mix of simple daily life situations in an out-of-control frightening world, "White Noise" has it all and Delillo expertly guides you through.

I rate "White Noise" 4 out of 5 stars

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