I really enjoyed this book of short stories, particularly her keen sense of humor. I actually had to read the first story "Who's Irish?" to my husband because I was laughing so much he wanted to know what was so funny. A collection of short stories, this book was a delight. I find myself always impressed with an author who has a varied and extensive vocabulary, as Ms. Jen does.

The final story, nearly a novella, titled "House House Home" was an account of a marriage gone bad with a man too full of himself and too resistant to the normal lifestyle his young wife is trying to create for their children. At 60 years old he is still trying to recreate himself in the image of a superior member of a rare almost-genius elite group - but he doesn't quite fit. I wanted to shake this immature man/boy and tell him to grow up and get over himself.

Jen smoothly mixes her Asian culture with the American melting pot culture and comes up with a winner.

I rate "Who's Irish?" 5 out of 5 stars.

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