On March 19, that's just 4 days away, spring begins. Winter over, I already see the signs of spring in the return of several birds to my neighborhood, the crocuses that are not only pushing up from the dirt but that have also opened with the tulips and jonquils not far behind, plus the buds appearing on the tips of many trees that surround our home in rural New Hampshire. Now is the time to start clearing away the old dried plants and weeds from around the yard, trimming bushes, and preparing for new growth all around. And this year, unlike previous years, I won't be in such a hurry to get away from those duties and instead get out to visit with friends because as we all know by now, it is in our best interest to stay home and away from others who may be infected with the COVID 19 virus. More deadly than any we have known in some time and taken right off the screen of a Hollywood movie we are hunkering down and taking care of ourselves and staying indoors. Perfect time to get down to business with my writing and actually complete another book or two since that is my immediate goal. 

 I'm thinking of treating this time like an extension of winter. Usually, winter is the best reading and writing time. It doesn't always work out that way since it seems other life events happen. But this year I'm taking not only the virus seriously but also my 2020 goals of finishing several of my books that are already so close to completion. What better time to work on those goals than now when we are doing our best to stay away from others who might be infected. So far we have spent more time than I'm comfortable with binge watching a Netflix series or watching, yet again, one or more of my favorite movies (I can't get enough of Crazy, Stupid, Love or Deadpool). 

So everyone reading my blog - stay safe and sanitized!

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