I am always one who believes there is always more that I need to know about a subject and that can't be more true than with writing. I often feel I must go back to the beginning learning or relearning the fundamentals in any given topic before I put pen to paper. So when I saw 'Craft of Writing' for Free as a Kindle download on BookGorilla, I couldn't push the Buy Now button fast enough on Amazon.

And it did not disappoint. Sure the basics were there but so much more that is crucial to learning and improving your writing skills. Christopher Hawke included one of my particular pet peeves, the difference between 'it's' and 'its', which is, to me, one of the easiest to correct. Hawke even summarized each important point in a few words at the back of the book that serves as a handy quick reference guide.

This is one book that I know I will be referring back to again and again as well as recommending to my writer friends.

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