Here you will find everything to do with writing, whether it is my writing or what I'm learning from reading books on writing.  Reading, vocabulary, and grammar are the tools of the trade. The very best people to learn from are the ones who are seasoned writers who teach writing. You would be wise to enlist them as your mentors, as I have.

I just attended the New England Authors Book Expo in Danvers, MA. It was a wonderful event that was supported by writers from many New England states including MA, NH, CT, and ME. I was impressed by many of them and I now have a lifetime supply of bookmarks.

The creativity that each of us has to offer always amazes me. There were themes such as vampires and witches. And levels of interest that range from pre-schoolers and middle graders, to young adult and beyond. As to a recurring theme that I noticed, we would all love to duplicate the success that Stephanie Myers has enjoyed. There was even one author who had a 7 book series in the making, emulating J.K. Rowling, I'm guessing. And there were also most likely one-time writers whose goal is to honor a parent or loved one with their book.

Why We Write edited by Meredith Maran is the book I just finished reading. As a writer, it was very interesting to me and I enjoyed it immensely. Although I've heard of the majority of the writers that were interviewed for the book, there were several that I had never heard of nor had I ever read anything by them. I have now added most of them to my short list of authors that I want to read.