So your best friend just published her first novel. And even though you have been writing 'all your life' and she just took it up oh, about a year ago, her book was purchased by a big-time publisher and all of your books are stashed away in a drawer.

Although Roger Ebert slammed 'Authors Anonymous', I enjoyed it mostly because it accentuates the absurdity of people whose egos are blown out of proportion to the reality of their success as writers. It shows how writing and publishing a book can be a crapshoot; maybe your book will be a success and you'll make a ton of money, maybe it won't. Does it matter if you are intelligent? No. Does it matter if you have a degree in English? No. Does it matter if you have credentials as a writer up the wazoo? No. It is all just a roll of the dice; maybe you'll get seven, maybe you'll get snake eyes, or maybe you'll get a two and a three.


So why the envy? 'Authors Anonymous', reminiscent of one of the best movies to parody a serious, but silly business, 'Best in Show', tells us to focus on our writing, be the best you can be and someone you are proud of, and be kind to others along the way because you never know, they might be available to help you out should you need assistance getting that proverbial foot in the door. You don't know their story, it might be one that they had in their back pocket for many years and they finally got around to finishing it. Also, think about the bad karma you are receiving if you write "I hate you" letters to your friend even if you never send them. Stay positive, write daily, focus on what you want to get out of your writing (doing it for yourself or for the public) and the green monster will never haunt your dreams.

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