Striking Sunset Painting by DJ Geribo

Midnight Magic by Avi was another fun book to read. After reading a couple of books by Avi where the main characters are mice or insects, it was a delightful surprise to read one that was about a boy, who was a magician, his master, a princess, and her parents the king and queen of Pergamontia. The story wouldn't be as intriguing, of course, without a bad guy, and there is one in the guise of the assumed trusted Count Scarazoni.

Misconceptions, misrepresentations, miscalculations and you have an adventure story that keeps you reading and guessing to the end. Is the princess really a friend to Fabrizio or is she trying to get him imprisoned and why? Is Lorenzo, the prince, really the ghost or is it just a case of 'smoke and mirrors' to fool everyone into believing he's dead? From chapter to chapter you think you know the answers but you don't know the truth until the end. Midnight Magic is another Avi winner!
I rate Midnight Magic 5 out of 5 stars *****


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