Striking Sunset by DJ Geribo

I put this book on my wish list on Amazon awhile ago. After looking at it and reading the description several times, I finally decided to buy it. I was intrigued by the subject of madness among creative writers and well-known authors who have committed suicide. Mr. Styron was able to remember and record his descent into the depression that could have driven him to end his life. He was fortunate that he had the right support and found the solution that worked for him. The feeling I got was that the right way out of the depth of depression is different for everyone. Something that works for one may push another one over the edge.

Although I've had my bad days, I'm fortunate that most of my days are good. But there is depression in my family and I've seen how debilitating it can be. Hopefully this book will be a savior for those who recognize the depression demon that, for a short time, controlled William Styron's life.

I rate Darkness Visible 4 out of 5 stars. ****

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