In this chapter, Priscilla Long noted how when a panel of authors with differing backgrounds and genres were brought together they all stressed the same habits that every writer should adopt - write 1000 words a day and write using a structure. Now, personally, I would suggest, if you are a writer and this is your profession, not a hobby, you must write far more than 1000 words a day. I recently wrote a short story to see just how long 1000 words were and how long it took me to write. If I had continued writing it at one sitting, it wouldn't have taken more than 20-30 minutes or so. I think we can spend a little more time than that. Again, I'm talking to the professionals out there.

The second suggestion, using a structure, was something that I'm sure I do, and we probably all do, but not something we are consciously thinking about. She outlines 4 structures - Theme, Collage, Two or Three Strand, and Dramatic Story. How you choose your structure depends on the kind of story you will be telling.

When I sit down at my computer or my notebook to write, I'm not thinking 'what structure am I using?' But I'm sure, instinctively, I'm using one of the structures as outlined in Priscilla Long's book. Ms Long suggests you figure out structures by reading for structure. The only problem is, once you start reading for structure, it might be hard to go back to reading for pleasure!

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