There are so many books written that are turned into movies and I say 'Bravo' for the author who is privileged to have that experience. With so many authors out there today, I'm always surprised by the number of remakes that are made (such as 'Spiderman') I mean, do they think they just haven't gotten it right yet? Or is it because with CGI they can go beyond their wildest dreams. Personally, too much CGI is a turn off for me because I feel as if there is less and less acting and more just stretching a rubber CGI character through the air (again, 'Spiderman'). I feel like I'm watching an animated movie.

Then of course there are the Harry Potter movies that although they were full of CGI it all felt more real. Plus the entire series was an exciting read and they did a wonderful job of matching our imaginations to the scenery and the books.

One book that did not transfer well to a movie was The Shining. Although Jack Nicholson was fine in the role and pretty scary, I found myself laughing through some of the movie. I have seen Shelly Duval in other movies (loved her in 'Popeye' with Robin Williams) I did not think she was a very good fit for this movie. The book was quite scary as are many of Stephen King's novels, but the mismatch couple took the scary out of the book for me.

Like most authors, I'm hoping that someday someone in Holly wood will come across one of my books and decide it would make a great movie. And I hope it does. Perhaps I've already written the book, or maybe it is just a light bulb of an idea that is just starting to take hold in my imagination.

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