In this interview when Truman Capote was 42, right before "In Cold Blood" was published, Capote is excited about this new kind of book, the "non-fiction novel."

Born in 1924 to his 16 year old mother, a restless and intelligent spirit, at 18 his mother went to college. By the time she graduated his parents were divorced and he was sent to live with his elderly uncle and three elderly ladies. It was a lonely life in a remote part of Alabama but it was here that he became interested in writing. When he left school at 17, he went right to work in the art department at the New Yorker (painting was also a deep interest).

He worked there 2 years and then began writing his 1st novel "Other Voices, Other Rooms" , which was a literary success. When asked what obligation he feels the writer owes the subject matter he works with and the public for which he writes, Capote spoke strongly about the writer's obligation only to himself. Otherwise, it has no meaning.

He also does not believe writing can be taught although he does recommend finding an audience such as you could find when taking a college writing workshop.

Truman Capote died in LA in 1984 at the age of 60.

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