I have new goals for 2022. And the list is long. It mostly consists of books I plan to write this year, or I should say, I plan to finish since I've started so many that are in various stages of completion. It is a great variety so I won't ever tire of writing one or the same one with just a little different plot. I know that is what a lot of readers (and publishers) have come to expect from authors. Think about Stephen King. How dare he write something other than horror! It is like typecasting for actors - some actors fight against that. And many have succeeded. But when an actor takes a role that is not his usual part, like Jim Carrey, the audience expects funny. Well, this role is serious. The audience is disappointed, they were expecting a comedy!

It's the same thing for the authors who write the stories. I, personally, write in a variety of genres. I've written literary fiction, I'm working on a non-fiction, a mystery, a psychological/philosophical study, a pre-teen novel (which will be the 2nd in a series) and a couple of fables. And it's fun! If I had to write in only one genre I might just give it up. I need this kind of variety in my life and I absolutely need this in my writing life. If I'm working on a novel and it just isn't working for me that day, I can switch to one of the other novels I'm working on. Most likely, when I return to the other novel, a way to continue will have worked its way into my brain and I can move forward with the book. It may taken me a bit longer to finish a novel or two, but I will have enjoyed the journey far more than someone who is, once again, writing a murder mystery. Or maybe not. Different strokes for different folks, as the saying goes!

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