Kinsman Falls

Everyone likes an adventure story, right? Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo certainly falls into that category. It is also an adventure that takes place in a fantasy world. Know any other stores that are adventures in a fantasy world with a teen-aged boy, living with a family that treats him only with disdain, as the main character? And, oh yea, the boy has magical powers, too. The Harry Potter series set the bar that all future adventure/fantasy world books are now measured by. And this book is just the first in the series - I found six books with the Leven Thumps character in the world of Foo.

Despite my comparisons to the HP series, Leven Themps certainly can stand on its own. There are unexpected moments and a story that keeps you turning the pages and moving from chapter to chapter to learn what happens next. Fate seems to be their guide as Leven, a friend named Winter (who was also living in a home where she was unloved), and two other nearly invisible but necessary companions head towards the gateway to Foo, which is where 'dreams, hope, aspiration, and imagination' come from.

Convincing Leven, who was never told a positive thing about himself in his short life, that he alone is the one who can save Foo from the evil Sabine (every adventure/fantasy story must have a bad guy) is the chore of Winter, Geth, and Clover. Savine, not unlike Voldemort, is evil beyond bewlief. Like a lot of the evil beings, he is power hungry and wants to be king of the real world and the dream world. And Leven must destroy the gateway to Foo so that Sabine can never be ruler of both worlds.

But I've said too much already. I'm not sure I will read the other five books that go with this series but I would definitely recommend them for an ambitious boy or girl looking for a fun fantasy world to escape to - good for long winter nights indoors!

I rate Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo 4 out of 5 stars ****

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