I bought this collection of essays at the 603 Writers Conference in NH that I went to in 2018. Richard Russo was our guest speaker and this was his latest book. He read one of the essays from it and I decided I had to have it. Plus it was autographed.

This book has felt like a cup of hot cocoa on a winter's night while sitting in front of the fireplace. He speaks to me, his reader, about what he tolerated from professors when a young man. He shares, in the most honest words I've ever read, what it takes to 'get good' as a writer. He explains sincerely how a friend's sex change also changed him. He explains the flexibility when writing omniscient, which I've done and believe this is my calling.

A final chapter, and one that Mr. Russo read part of at the 603 Writer's Conference, was about a conference he attended in Bulgaria where he was the guest of honor. His compassion and understanding of those around him is unsurpassed. After he read this section at the conference I stood and applauded, unconcerned that I was the only one standing (people did stand when he finished his talk). He acknowledged my enthusiasm with a head nod. Superb writings that I know I will refer back to and read again and again.

I rate "Destiny Thief" 5 out of 5 stars

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